he city of Didimotiho which is built on the conduciveness of the rivers of Evros and Erythropotamos is 950 km. away from Athens and 100 from Salonica.

Today’s city is an extension of the initial historical core which today is the old city, surrounded by the Castle.

t Didimotiho, a visitor has many things to see and do, not only in the city itself but in the wider area as well. Apart from the Castle that we mentioned before, adorers of the cultural inheritance can visit the Folklore Museum.

Another impressive element in Didimotiho is the contemporary presence of orthodox and Muhammadan religious monuments. So, one the one side, the visitor can admire the Cathedral of Agios Athanasios and the Byzantine church of Agia Aikaterini and on the other side, he/she stands in front of the Temple of Mohammed A’.

Another two interesting buildings of Didimotiho are the baths of Ourouch Pasha and of Feridoun Ahmet. They are public baths built at around the 15th century. The first of those might have been operating from the first years of our century. They were both heated and apart from the main area of the bath, they included locker rooms, rooms for embellishment etc.
he modern city of Didimotiho could be characterized as the center of the northern side of the County of Evros. It is the headquarters of the Municipality and the Cathedral and hosts a great number of public services, like a Country Court, a Forest Inspection, branches of many banks and sanitary services of the northern side of the County. Residents are mostly employed with agriculture, cultivating plentifully cereals, legumes etc.

Based on Didimotiho, a visitor must not omit visiting the archaeological site of Plotinoupolis, the forest of Tsiggla as well as the adjacent village of Neoi Psathades, where a remarkable Folklore and Zoological Museum is situated.
nother interesting excursion from Didymoteiho will bring the visitor to Metaksades. Metaksades is a beautiful and picturesque village that has been connected with art, poetry and music.

The traditional buildings that the visitor can see in Metaskades are impressive, characteristic examples of the Thrakan Architecture.