he architecture of the County of Evros has been influenced from both the climatologic conditions as well as the people who have at times inhabited it, like the Byzantines and the Turkish.

Also, an important role in the modulation of the architectural character of the County’s cities, played the economic conditions and the wealth-producing resources of every city.

ore specifically, Alexandroupolis could be characterized as the modern city of the 20th century, with examples of buildings that tend to the neoclassic style in the way that was followed by the Greek orthodox community in the end of the 19th century. We should mention the Zarifeios Pedagogic Academy, the Post Office and the buildings at the Cathedral square.
At Didimotiho many buildings from the Turkish Domination prevail, as well as many buildings of the post- Byzantine era. In the city, there are also many wooden low houses with porches from the 19th century as well as mansions of the 20th century with academic character.

At Soufli sericulture and silk industry, as main pursuits of the residents, give the character of building. There are big hood houses as well as mansions which once belonged to the noble families of the area, and prove the prosperity of the city. Many houses are bi-leveled and triplex with intense industrial character.