t is one of the greatest and most important castles of the Balkan Peninsula. The walls which are saved have a length of about 1 km. and their height reaches 12 meters. The walls are separated by square or circular towers.

n those towers there some very interesting monograms, like the one of Comnenus. Also, one of these towers is named "of the princess" and is connected with the legend of her fall from the ramparts, when the Ottomans conquered Didimotiho.
nother known tower is Pedazono which was used as a shaft-cistern for the centralization of water in periods of embargo and besiege. Inside the Castle we find the chapel of Agia Aikaterini, the icon-stand of Agios Dimitrios and other traces of the bright history of the town. The city, despite the constant descents by the north, never lost its importance as a commercial-cultural center and kept on, even during the Turkish Domination, developing.