oufli, the city of silk, is 945 km. away from Athens and 65 km. from Alexandroupolis. The city is built on the hill of Saint Ilias and the tombs that have been discovered and date back to the alexandrine, roman and Byzantine era prove that the region has been inhabited for many years. Many great political personalities have spoken on the square of Soufli, like E. Venizelos, N. Plastiras, G. Papandreou.

oufli has been one of the first cities to exploit sericulture as 2 monks brought secretly their canes from China, the seeds. From those seeds the city managed to cultivate at a moment about 16.000.000 sq. meters of mulberries.

Today a visitor mustnít omit to see the Museum of Silk as well as the Folklore Museum, where he/she will learn a lot about this important activity for the city. A little outside Soufli there is the famous Forest of Dadia which is an attraction for thousands of tourists every year.
n interesting excursion that is worth doing when in Soufli, apart from Dadia, is Tyhero. It is a picturesque hamlet between Alexandroupolis and Soufli. Here you can visit the Folklore Museum, the very strong Center of Recreation and Sports nearby the artificial lake and the fossil forest. Finally, the area around Tyhero is extremely impressive, as there is a vast plain full of heliotropes, corn plants and sugar beets.