Alexandroupolis international airport is located 7 km east of Alexandroupolis.
The passengers should be to airport at least 90 minutes before the departure time.
Please do not leave luggage unattended in the Terminal building.
We hope that all our facilities meet your needs, but if there is anything that we have overlooked, or that could be improved, then please do not hesitate to contact the Airport authority office.

If you need medical assistance ask any member of the airport staff.
In emergency case, please obey any instructions issued over the public address system, or given by any members of staff.
There is a post box inside to the terminal, with one collections per weekday.
Public telephones are also available at several points in the terminal building, including card phones.
All public card phones are accessible by wheelchair, and useable from that height.
Full banking facilities are available at town of Alexandroupolis.
The buffet and bar is located next to the check-in area.
All the check-in desks are conveniently located just inside the Terminal, and the Airline staff are always in attendance to assist. In addition, to the flight information TV monitors, there are public addressed announcements for all flights.
These announcements are augmented by a hearing aid loop broadcast system. 

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