t is one of the most famous and picturesque chapels of Samothraki, the number of which is extremely large for the island. It is located 20 km. on the southeastern side of Kamariotissa, on a stone barrow which overlooks the famous shore of Pahia Ammos.

he homonymous icon of Panagia is miraculous and its history is lost in the depths of time. According to oral tradition, down at the bay of Pahia Ammos, during the Iconoclasm, some shepherds from Samothraki discovered the icon of Panagia and placed it temporarily inside a small cave, close to the beach. Next day the icon was missing.
fter some time, some young shepherds discovered it on the peak of the rock, where the church is today situated. They brought it again to the cave next to the shore but the icon was once more disappeared only to be found on the top of the rock. Then they realized they had to build its temple there.

o they dug up more than fifty stairs on the rock, took the necessary material with them, built the church and placed the icon of Virgin Mary there, giving it the name of the area: Panagia the Kremiotissa.