amothraki, Nike’s island, is situated at the northeastern Aegean Sea and its mountain, Saos is the tallest of the Aegean, with 1.700 km at the Feggari peak.

After all, this is the peak that Neptune had chosen in order to watch the Trojan War.
mong the settlements of the village, those which mark out are Hora, Kamariotissa, Prophetes Ilias and Therma. Hora is built in the interior of the island, on the foothill of Saos. It is a picturesque settlement where the Temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary predominates, having already closed one century of life (1875). In addition to that, a visitor can see the Folklore Museum and the Castle.
Regarding the settlement of Prophetes Ilias, it is the agricultural-cattle breeding center of the island. Here you will taste the astounding staffed goat, baked in an wooden oven.

herma or Loutra are situate at 13 km. away from Kamariotissa. The area is full of platans, chestnut trees and arbutuses and the famous sulfurous baths attract many tourists to the modern facilities with common and individual baths.

Samothraki, is not only know of its shores but also of its rich nature. The many rivers with the impressive waterfalls leave the visitor speechless, looking at the faultless beauty of wild nature unfolding in front of his/her eyes.

Also, the climbing to mountain Saos puts the visitor in a special environment, with a variety of birds, sounds of the forest and amazing vegetation.