he Holly Temple of Agios Georgios is the Cathedral Temple of the town (provincial headquarters from 1925 to 1935). Ioakeim Cavyris, later Provincial of Alexandroupolis, was a Provincial here too. The exact date of building remains unknown. We do know it was founded in 1818 and finished between 1862-1863.

It is of Basillic style, with double stone floors on the loft. The octagonal belfry was built in 1910. It has a 25 meters height and is built of limestone. The four clocks are of Swiss mechanism, gifted by the guild of shoemakers. The contrived fretwork, with western influences temple is what attracts the interest of a visitor.
t was constructed in three parts. Stamates Taliadouros, the craftsman from Madytos, didnít have the time to finish his work. So it was completed by his son. The temple kept being filled with icons until 1901-1902, perhaps even until 1909. The same craftsman created the temple of the holly church of Agios Athanasios in Didimotiho, as well as the temple of a church in Andrianoupolis.