he archaeological site of Palaiopolis includes many important ruins of buildings and temples which are connected with the historical position of Samothraki in ancient times.

What predominates is the temple of the Great Gods where the rituals of Caveirian Mysteries were being held, rituals that even nowadays are covered by a "veil of mystery". We do know that they included sacrifices of animals, libations and meals. Most probably, the Mysteries were held to honour the Great Goddess who is possibly Demeter and Cybele.

he excavations in Palaiopolis began in the end of the 19th century and we shouldn’t omit the finding of the statue of Nike which is nowadays situated at a salient position at the Louvre. Other important buildings which were connected with the performance of the Mysteries, are the propylaea, the palace in which the initiation took place, the holly domicile where the names of the mystics were kept, the vault, the temple etc. Here, finally, is situated the Archaeological Museum of the island.