restiada is located at the northern side of Evros and is 995 km away from Athens and 115 from Alexandroupolis. It is a modern and contemporary city, only 75 years old. Of course, since ancient times, there was a small settlement on this site which seems to have been founded by the son of Agamemnon and Clytaimnestra, Orestes.
owever, today’s Orestiada, a dream and inspired plan of architect Spyros Dasios, was founded in 1923. Its sightseeings include the great and spacious square at the center and the Folklore Museum.

Orestiada aspires to play an important commercial and social role in the area, as it is situate at the crossroads of two continents.
nd so, on the one hand, its cultural movement is remarkable as the municipal authorities have worked for the founding and operation of a Mental Center, a Philharmonic and a Choir as well as an appendix of the Lyceum of Greek Women, and on the other hand the operation of a sugar factory, outside the city, in combination with the picking centers of sparrowgrasses and potatoes and the existence of a cattle breeding fund, give commercial wind to the city and the whole area which is in such a neuralgic position.

n interesting excursion that a visitor to Orestiada can go to, is to travel to Nea Vyssa, a small hamlet with a great history. This is the place from where Georgios Papas originated, leader of the rebellious consort in Moldovlahia.