t was founded in 1980 by Provincial of Alexandroupolis Anthimos Roussas, who built the central facilities of the Monastery on a private site of the Cathedral at the region of Makri - Dikela.

In 1983 it was staffed with a female fraternity under the spiritual guiding of Archimandrite Polykarpos Mantzaroglou.
t took the name "Panagia of Evros" because those days no Monastery was working in our County. It created a favorable mood towards monachism to the residents of our area, because of the affability of its female nuns but also due to their spirituality and educational level.

The monastery expanded its facilities with the creation of new cells, a dining room, a library, workrooms etc. The main beggaries of the monastery are waxwork, hagiography, ecclesiastic embroidery and holly tailoring.
he monastery developed a remarkable contact with monasteries in Bulgaria and Rumania, as well as with one in Syria.

Representatively, nuns from the above mentioned orthodox monasteries are hosted at "Panagia of Evros" and are taught the beggaries for a six month period.

Then they return to their countries where they diffuse these main monachic works which are essential for the continuing of the tradition of the orthodox eastern monachism as well as the biotic conservation of the coreligionist monachic fraternities there.

The visitor can admire in the exhibition of the Monastery, samples of this work as well as the hagiography of the Catholic of the Monastery and its chapels.
owadays, the abbess is the beldam Makrina and the fraternity numbers 45 nuns. The festival of the Monastery is held at the ninth day after the Assumption of Virgin Mary, on August 23rd. The telephone number of the Monastery is