hrough the routes of the land of Evros, everyone can feel that
here time has its own dimension and turns each step, each glance
and each breath into a fantastic journey...

1st Route:
Makri - Mesimvria
he route of sea and History, of pebble and seashore, of fishing and enjoying the seafood, of the unique sunset, of the night, of fun, of the unexpected...
2nd Route:
a) a) Potamos - Agioi Theodoroi - Kirki - Sykorrahi
b) Avandas - Áisymi - Leptokarya
c) Nipsa - Aetohori
he route of forest and canyons, of crystal waters and green, of birds and roe deers, of History and castles, of the huts and the sheepcotes...
3rd Route:
Traianoupolis - Feres - Delta of Evros
he route of river and the borders, of the delta, of birds, of warm fountains, of Xerxes and the Byzantines...
4th Route:
he route of sea and dolphins, of the fountains and pillars, of platans and chestnuts, of goats and "gogovrasto", of cream cheese and honey, of thyme and origanum, of Kaveiria and Nike...
5th Route:
Tyhero - Soufli - Didimotiho - Orestiada
he route of silk and weaver, of the forest and the raptors, of the Byzantines and tradition, of the plains and the crofts, of "mpampo" and wine, of gladness and dance...