he monastery of Dadia is situated among low verdurous hills, full of pines, lentisks, arbutuses and hazels. Its area was inhabited ever since the ancient times, as proven by a marble anaglyph of Thrakan Ippea, which was once enwalled in the gate of the hostel of the monastery.

The old catholic of the monastery had been erected at 1842 but in 1912 it was exploded and only the narthex remained, which was turned into a small chapel.

new church, in a Basilica style and with the name of the Birthday of Virgin Mary, as well as a new hostel, were built during the years of the Occupation. Of the most interesting saved icons is that of Saint George Dragon Killer, which carries the caption: "With the help and the expenses of sir Halil Aja by Karatza Halil kioi, year 1858". Which means, that it is a rare dedication of a Muslim to a Christian temple. According to tradition, the dedicator was a thief and he spent money from the swag to create it.

It belongs to the I.M. of Didymoteiho of Orestiada and Soufli. Abandoned once, it is being reconstructed under the supervision of Provincial of Didymoteiho Nikiforos Arhaggelidis.

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