t Samothraki you can taste fried wild goat, fresh fish and seafood. At Alexandroupolis, Hili and Makri also fresh fish, octopus, cuttlefish and clams. At Makri and Samothraki also taste their olives. Tyhero is famous of its asparagus.

At Feres, at Poros and Peplos you can eat river fish and eels on barbecue. Soufli is famous for its silk and also the sausages that it produces. At Paliouri of Didymotiho clabber with country pie is served. At Orestiada and the villages of the area you can taste the traditional kavourma
t Therapeio try fresh fish by the river Ardas. At Pentalofos and Petrota, enjoy "sertiko" raki and home-made wine. All over the County you can try tripe in different flavors. Exceptional home-made liqueurs are produced based on brandy, sour cherries or krana or medlar.