t is a temple which is dedicated to the patron saint of Alexandroupolis, Saint Nikolaos. It is basilic with a dome, has two bell towers. It is all built by rocks which are held by vertical and horizontal iron girders.

It was raised with contributions of Greeks in 1892, inaugurated in 1901 by Provincial of Ainos Germanos Theotokas and in 1920, the protocol of freedom of the town was signed inside it.

"Panagia the Trifiotissa"
13th century
he old hagiographies didnít last through time and were covered by todayís ones. The temple is the work of someone "Pergaminelis from Mytilini in 1934" and is made of plaster, imitating marble.

Inside the temple there is the icon of Panagia the Trifotissa, an anaglyph work of the 13th century, from Ainos, which used to heal the eye diseases of Ainosí residents, due to the many saltmarshes there.

lso remarkable is the small icon of "Panagia the Mavroforoussa" which was carried here by refugees from Eastern Thraka. Characteristic is the recent appellant icon of the depositioned patron saint, Saint Nikolaos.