ou can reach the County of Evros by road, either with a private car or using the KTEL buses. The distance between the capital of the county, Alexandroupolis and Athens is 850 km., and 330 km. between Alexandroupolis and Salonica. (Tel.

If you prefer the adventure and beauty of a trip with a train, the County is connected with the supermodern train INTERCITY, which sets off from Athens and reaches the County of Evros via Salonica. (Tel. OSE
n addition to these, the unique airport of Alexandroupolis is situated at Thraka and flights to Athens are daily and very frequent (Tel. O.A. Athens 9616161 - Alexandroupolis

When it comes to local conjunctions there is a sailable contact with Samothraki and all the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea. There’s also the road conjunction between the most main urban centers of the county.